New Features

Adding Keyboard Input Mode to Linux Fusion Application

In the Linux Fusion application, we have added a new keyboard input mode. Click on "Start Menu - Linux Fusion Application" to open the Konsole terminal application. When you move the mouse within the Konsole window, a transparent floating box will appear on the right side of the window. Click on "More Options".

Keyboard Input Mode Options
  • Keyboard Operation helps:

  • Input Mode:

    • Using Input Method: Default setting is Android Input Method, mainly used for editing text in various software and other scenarios.

    • Keyboard Characters: Switch the input method to English, more suitable for scenarios requiring password input, gaming, etc.

  • Disconnect:

Clicking on the "Disconnect" option allows you to directly close the current application.

  • Info:

Clicking on the "Info" option allows you to view detailed information about the current application window, including size, resolution, color depth, etc.


Mouse Display Optimization in Linux Fusion Application

Improved mouse display speed in Linux Fusion Application, allowing seamless mouse transition within the application window.

Linux Application Startup Optimization

Improved the waiting screen during Linux application startup, allowing for immediate connection and opening of applications, reducing waiting time.

Network Settings Optimization

Optimized the WIFI settings page to eliminate lag and prevent noticeable character jumping when refreshing.

Enhanced the image quality after performing cropping and rotation in the gallery.

Binder Mechanism Optimization

Using a separate Binder driver to avoid conflicts with other software and ensure the successful startup of OpenFDE.

Optimizing Application Full-Screen Display

Prevent the mouse from randomly triggering the status bar and taskbar in full-screen mode of any application to ensure an immersive full-screen experience for the users.

Fixed Problems

  • Fixing the issue of dual title bars in Weibo and Taobao.

  • Fixing the issue of certain applications, such as NetEase Cloud Music, unable to exit full-screen mode.