New Features

Add network settings functionality

this version supports configuring networks on the Android desktop, including setting up wired and wireless WiFi networks on Linux.

  • configure Ethernet settings

The default interface for configuring the wired network is "enaphyt4i0". You can choose to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) as the default configuration, or switch to manual configuration with a static IP address.


Attention: The current updated version only supports setting the IP address for the wired network interface. It does not currently display the IP addresses that are already configured in the Linux network. We will improve this functionality in the next version.

  • configure WIFI

If your computer is equipped with a wireless network card, you can connect to a new WiFi network here.


Once you successfully configure a wired or wireless WiFi network in the Android settings, the network settings in Linux will also be applied accordingly.

Search for specific applications in the start menu

To help users quickly find their desired applications, a search bar has been added to the start menu. It allows users to search for target applications based on their names.

Lock the OpenFDE screen

It adds a "Lock Screen" button to the power button icon located in the upper right corner of the Start Menu. Clicking the "Lock Screen" button will immediately take you to the login interface of OpenFDE. Once logged in, you can quickly re-enter OpenFDE.

The status bar now includes a battery icon that allows you to navigate to the System -> Power Settings interface.

We add a power icon to the bottom of the screen's status bar, which can be clicked to navigate to the system's power settings.

Fixed Problems

  • Remove the wificond service to prevent cyclic restarts of wificond.

  • Fix the issue of character omission and multiple characters in the linux fusion application's input method.

  • Fix the issue of clipboard synchronization in the linux fusion application.

  • Fix the error that occurs when opening certain linux fusion applications.

  • Fix the error occurring in the connection of the linux fusion application.

  • Fix the issue of freezing when double-clicking on the linux fusion application.

  • Fixed the issue that the gallery resolution was low.