Summary: This version update defaults the device name to OpenFDE device, adds some notebook camera support, brightness adjustment, adds default application compatibility configuration, adds Android application mouse touch function, etc., and fixes some known issues. It should be noted that this version update is only for Kylin system for the time being.

new features

Phytium X100 notebook supports camera

Added support for the Phytium X100 notebook camera to meet the needs of users who need to turn on the camera on Tencent Conference, WeChat and many other social office software.


Added display brightness adjustment

In the notification bar control center, you can adjust the brightness of the display screen through the brightness bar to meet the user's office needs for different brightnesses.



Known apps add default app compatibility configuration

In version 1.1.0, we fixed a large number of application compatibility issues and compiled https://openfde.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OpenFDEEN/pages/46891041 . In order to make OpenFDE more convenient to use, in this version 1.1.1 we have added a default application compatibility configuration for those problems with compatibility display! Users no longer need to configure manually.

For example, in the compatibility configuration of Kaixin Xiaole, the application window is fixedly maximized by default, and the Kaixin Xiaoxiao application can be displayed in full screen when opened.

Android app adds mouse simulation touch function

This version update automatically simulates mouse touch for Android applications to solve the problem that game applications cannot be clicked with the mouse. Of course, Linux still maintains mouse mode.

Fixed Problems

  • Fixed an issue with Start menu not responding to touch events.

  • Fixed an issue where images could not be uploaded after being cropped in the gallery.