New Features

Adding the Alt+F4 shortcut combination

When the current window is in the foreground, you can press Alt+F4 to quickly close the window of the current application.


USB to Ethernet adapter adaptation optimization

With the USB to Ethernet adapter, the Phytium X100 laptop can seamlessly switch from WiFi to wired network without the need for log out or restart. It allows for direct connection to the wired network.

the network settings now display the subnet mask in specific values instead of length


Upgrade the EGL version of the Kylin V10sp1 system to 20.1.0-rc4

The EGL version of the Kylin V10sp1 system has been upgraded from 20.0.8 to 20.1.0-rc4, with optimizations specifically targeting AMD graphics cards (not applicable to x100 graphics cards). This upgrade has improved system performance.

Fixed Problems

  • Fixed the crash issues of apps like ToDesk.

  • Fixed the frequent maximize switching issue of apps like Jingdong.

  • Fixed the issue of Weibo crashing when pressing F11.

  • Fixed the issue of the installer not responding to the F11 key.