Common installation issues

The Phytium X100 kylin card does not have access to OpenFDE on the boot screen

  • The first step is to collect the logs live!

We provide a command to collect log information, and you can run the following command to collect field logs.

curl -fsSL | sudo bash
  • The second step is to confirm the kernel version

Please confirm your kernel version first. If your kernel version is lower than 5.4.18-85, please upgrade your kernel version first. Remember to reboot after upgrading.

  • The third step is to delete the old fdeion-dkms.

sudo apt-get remove fdeion-dkms
  • Step 4: Update the repositories and reinstall fdeion-dkms.

sudo apt-get install fdeion-dkms
  • Step 5: Try installing OpenFDE again.


OpenFDE v1.1.0 prompts "Tablet login only" when logging in to WeChat.

Please poke for the solution