Install OpenFDE on Rock Chip 5B

This tutorial is provided by community enthusiast xq1309583.

Install Ubuntu22.04

You can refer to GitHub - Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip: Ubuntu 22.04 for Rockchip RK35XX Devices,or you can compile and install it yourself.

 Installation method

After downloading, burn the img file onto an SD card and boot from it. Then, refer to Radxa ROCK 5B · Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip Wiki · GitHub for flashing the firmware into the SPI flash. If NVMe boot is required, proceed with the following steps.

Start to Install OpenFDE

Remaining steps: Refer to "Installing OpenFDE on Raspberry Pi | Step 4: Configuring Installation Sources and Certificates" for further instructions.


Run OpenFDE

Since there is no GPU driver support, CPU rendering is the only option. Please refer to Waydroid session fails to start · Issue #294 · waydroid/waydroidfor instructions on modifying Waydroid.

Known Issues

There is no GPU driver available, and it is not possible to select the default audio output device. Regarding the GPU driver, it is reported to be in progress, and for those interested in tinkering, you can refer to the provided resources Panthor open-source driver for Arm Mali-G310, Mali-G510, Mali-G610, and Mali-G710 GPUs to be part of Linux 6.10 - CNX Software ( for more information.