Install OpenFDE on Ubuntu22.04

1. System Requirements

First, confirm that your hardware is Phytium D2000/FT2000.

  • Operating System: Galaxy Kylin V10 (SP1) versions 2203 and 2303, also supported on ARM64 architecture.

  • Kernel: linux-5.4.18-53 and above.

  • Graphics:AMD Radeon

  • Storage:Minimum 8GB. Recommended 16GB or higher

2. Configure Installation Source And Certificates(Optional)

When installing OpenFDE for the first time, you will need to obtain the complete software source and configure the installation source and certificates.

Note: If this is not your first time installing OpenFDE, you can skip the "Configure Installation Source and Certificates" section and proceed directly to the Install OpenFDE

2.1 Install wget and gpg

sudo apt-get install wget gpg

2.2 Download the encryption key file from the official website and decrypt it locally

wget -qO- | gpg --dearmor > packages.openfde.gpg

2.3 Copy the decrypted key file to the key folder of your local apt tool

sudo install -D -o root -g root -m 644 packages.openfde.gpg /etc/apt/keyrings/packages.openfde.gpg

2.4 Configure the software repository address for OpenFDE

2.5 Delete the downloaded key file

3. Install OpenFDE

3.1 Update Software Source

3.2 Install OpenFDE

4. Upgrade OpenFDE

Firstly update the software source.

Upgrade OpenFDE to the latest version.