Contributions and Strategies

Welcome to OpenFDE Community!

1. Explore OpenFDE

To quickly learn about OpenFDE, please click

2. Sign in CLA

Before participating in community contributions, you are required to sign the OpenFDE Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Depending on your role, you can choose to sign the Individual CLA, Employee CLA, or Corporate CLA. Please click in here.

3. Join in OpenFDE Community

3.1 Participate in Community Activites

More community activities are being prepared... Stay tuned for updates!

3.2 Participating in Community Contributions

3.2.1 submit an issue/process an issue task

Your can clear Feedback on Issues to access the issue feedback repository for OpenFDE.

  • submit an issue:Clicking on the "New issue" button allows you to create an issue and document the problem you want to raise.

  • process an issue:If you are willing to handle one of the issues, you can assign the issue to yourself and set yourself as the assignee.

  • participate in discussions within an issue:Under each issue, there may already be discussions and exchanges among participants. If you are interested, you can also share your opinions in the comment box.

3.2.2 contribute codes

  • set up the development environment for OpenFDE

    If you want to contribute to coding development and prepare the development environment for OpenFDE, please refer to

  • get codes and pull branches

    If you want to contribute code, it is important to understand how to download code from Gitee and merge code through pull requests. OpenFDE utilizes the Gitee code hosting platform. For detailed instructions, please refer to Gitee Workflow Guide.

    The usage of Gitee is similar to GitHub. If you have prior experience with GitHub, you can have a general understanding of the content in this section and even skip it if you wish.

  • modify, build, and locally verificate

    After making modifications on the local branch, proceed with building and locally verifying the changes.

  • submit a pull-request

    When you submit a PR, it means that you have started contributing code to the community.

3.2.3 contribute a software package

If you notice that OpenFDE is missing a software package, you can help by adding that package to OpenFDE. In fact, the process of contributing a software package is the process of enriching the functionality provided by OpenFDE.

OpenFDE supports automatically creating a corresponding repository on the OpenFDE in Gitee when a new software package is added on Gitee. This allows for automatic code compilation checks when submitting code to the created Gitee repository.

3.2.4 contribute an original open-source project

If you want to contribute your own original open-source project to the OpenFDE community and become part of the OpenFDE distribution, you can consider the following methods:

  • To develop in other communities and integrate it into OpenFDE, you simply need to add the software to the OpenFDE repository.

3.2.5 review codes

OpenFDE is an open community, and we encourage everyone participating in the community to become active reviewers.

For contributors, to make your code more likely to be accepted, you need to:

  • Prepare detailed commit messages.

  • If the amount of code in a single commit is substantial, it is advisable to break down large changes into a series of logically smaller ones. Submitting them separately will make it easier for reviewers to understand your logic.

For reviewers, it is strongly recommended to abide by the go beyond self-interest, respect each other, and promote collaboration. The focus of the review can be referred to as Gentle Art of Patch Review. During the review, you can focus on the following aspects:

  • Whether the ideas behind the contribution are reasonable.

  • Whether the architecture of the contribution is correct.

  • Whether the contribution is complete.

3.2.6 test

Testing is the responsibility of all contributors. Please refer to the detailed guide for more information (to be updated and supplemented with [Testing Contribution Guidelines]).

3.2.7 documentation contribution

You can contribute your technical articles to this community by following Blog Pages provided by OpenFDE.

3.2.8 selecting community components for packaging

You can also participate in packaging community components. The packaging tutorial is pending an update.