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Table of Contents

1. Cropping And Installing Android Images"

1.1 Cropping Android Images

  • Install openssh-server

Code Block
sudo apt install openssh-server && sudo systemctl start ssh && sudo systemctl enable ssh

In the final step of copying the android images to the target device as mentiond in the AOSP source code compilation guide, the system.img and vendor.img are located in the /home directory of your linux environment.

  • Access the /home in linux and get the source code of make_deb

Code Block
cd ~ && git clone 
  • Copy the images to make_deb/

Code Block
sudo cp system.img vendor.img make_deb/
  • Packing and cropping the images

Code Block

The script will package the APK and perform image cropping. During the packaging process, it will also include the Xunfei Input Method and Via Browser.

1.2 Install Android Images

  • create the images directory

Code Block
sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/waydroid-extra/images
  • Copy the two image files to the images directory for installation.

Code Block
sudo cp -a systemimg /usr/share/waydroid-extra/images/system.img
Code Block
sudo cp -a vendorimg /usr/share/waydroid-extra/images/vendor.img
  • Init waydroid

Code Block
sudo waydroid init -f 

2. Run OpenFDE

At this point, you can start OpenFDE. Logout from your current user session and navigate to the login screen. In the bottom right corner, select "FDE" and enter your password to log in to OpenFDE.