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To compile the AOSP source code, it is recommended to have a multi-core X86 host with a minimum requirement of 16GB of RAM and at least 512GB of disk space. It is highly recommended to prioritize using a solid-state drive (SSD) for better compilation speed. However, you can also use a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), but the compilation process may be slower.


Code Block
cd  out/target/product/fde_arm64/ && simg2img system.img system.ext.img && simg2img vendor.img vendor.ext.img

1.8 Copy the images to the target

Code Block
scp system.ext.img vendor.ext.img user@target:

user@target: refers to an ARMv8 environment for compiling Linux programs, where 'user' represents the account name and 'target' represents the IP address of the machine. Make sure to include the colon ':' at the end!

2. Compile Linux Programs


To compile Linux programs, it is necessary to perform the compilation on a host machine with ARMv8 architecture. You need to select a project directory to compile and install Linux-related programs. All the subsequent steps should be performed within the project directory, such as openfde-linux/. If it is not the first time compiling, please ensure that the code for all the dependent libraries is synchronized and updated to the latest version.

Below, we will provide detailed instructions on how to compile Linux programs on different operating systems.